Brave Soul Tweed Shorts

最近一直買短褲,雖然穿的機會不大。 I am fond of buying shorts currently. Though I do not have much chance wearing shorts out. 這次買的是毛呢款。 I got tweed shorts this time. 實穿圖 Actual wear photo. It is sort of tight to be honest. ⇒ 購物資訊 ⇒ Shopping Info Happy shopping guys! ♥️

Adore Beauty July Shopping Haul

七月鬼打牆,一時很想買Nuxe的保養油,為了兩個小樣硬湊單50澳幣。 I was eager to get Nuxe oil in July. I spent $50+ AU dollars in order to get 2 free samples. 也就買三樣東西而已:GHD的抗熱噴霧、Nuxe 亮片金粉保養護理油、和Butter London的指甲油。 不虧是澳洲公司,每次購買必贈Tim Tam 😂 I ordered 3 items this time: GHD heat protect spray, Nuxe multi-function dry golden oil and Butter London nail polish. I like the idea they give Tim Tam … Continue reading Adore Beauty July Shopping Haul

Motel Sequin Shorts with Lace Trim

一段時間沒有買ASOS了,這件亮片短褲一直在我的清單裡面,某天正好有我的尺寸,二話不說立馬買單。 I have yet to purchase anything from ASOS for a while. The sequin shorts has been on my favourite list for long time. I was lucky enough to order my size when I saw the shorts back to stock. 滿滿的亮片 Full sequins all over the shorts. 這件亮片褲的亮片縫得很差,穿的時候我還被亮片割傷,最後是我把多餘的亮片拆掉,穿的時候才沒有再被割傷,很不推薦大家買。 I must say sequins sew on shorts … Continue reading Motel Sequin Shorts with Lace Trim

Crown Eyeshadow Palettes

某天突然心血來潮,覺得自己Urban decay的眼影盤快用完,就上網買了兩盤眼影。 I felt my UD (Urban Decay) Vice 2 eyeshadow palette is nearly running out, so I ordered 2 eyeshadow palettes online. 只有收到購物確認,完全沒有收到出貨通知,就在第三天收到包裹了。 I only received order confirm from Crown Brush Australia but I never got any despatch notice mail from them. Any way, I received my items 3 days after I made the … Continue reading Crown Eyeshadow Palettes

Staub Ceramic Pumpkin Cocotte

其實Staub已經買了一段時間了,只是最近懶癌發作,就沒勤耕網誌了。 I have owned Staub for a while. Well, I am being quite lazy these days so I haven't updated my blog frequently. 一樣粉紅色的紙箱,就知道是從Peter's of Kensington買的。 Same pink box that everyone knows you order something from Peter's of Kensington. 打開來又塞滿一堆填充物。 Filling fully with little plastic things. 這次因為買到破百澳幣,所以無聊點選禮物包裝,反正免費的,但是下次我就不會再搞禮物包裝了,太浪費地球資源了,雖然緞帶和包裝紙我都有留下來。 Peter's of Kensington offer free gift wrapping if … Continue reading Staub Ceramic Pumpkin Cocotte

Accessories & Bershka Bottom

這次難得ASOS用盒裝而不是塑膠袋。 The package is paper box this time, not the usual ASOS plastic bag packaging. 可能怕首飾被壓壞了。 The paper box is still that accessories won't be broken during transit. 沒買很多,三樣而已。 I always order few things from ASOS. Monki Large Heart Hoop Earrings ASOS Curb Chain Velvet Hair Tie Bershka Varsity Jersey Short Monki Large Heart Hoop … Continue reading Accessories & Bershka Bottom

Staub 20cm Cast Iron Heart Cocotte

冒著被男友剁手指的風險,偷偷買進第二個史大伯。沒辦法,誰叫史大伯魅力無限。 I took the risk that bf might chop off my fingers if he ever discover the new Staub cocotte. Even so, I still ordered a new Staub pot. 星期二訂購的,星期四收到好大一箱包裹。 I ordered it on Tuesday and received a large parcel on Thursday. 拆開來這些填充物佔了一半的箱子。 After unboxed, this filling full half of the box. 看到熟悉的史大伯箱子啦! The familiar … Continue reading Staub 20cm Cast Iron Heart Cocotte

Lovelula Selection Box 3

這次要分享的是第一次購買的美妝盒。 This article is about my first beauty box. 收到號稱價值有55英鎊的美妝盒啦! I received £55 worth claimed beauty box. 打開來什麼也看不到。 I still can't see any item. 出現了,一共有四樣。 There are 4 items in the box. 五樣,一個1.5ml的小樣。 5 items, there is one 1.5ml sample. 面膜、晚霜、護手霜、和沐浴乳。 Mask, night cream, hand cream and shower gel. Laidbare For Richer For Porer Miracle Mask … Continue reading Lovelula Selection Box 3

Tigi Catwalk Fashionista Violet Shampoo & Conditioner

最近洗髮精和潤髮乳又快用完了,我是在用完前一定要囤貨,不然會沒安心感。 The shampoo and conditioner set is nearly run out. I feel insecure if I do not have any stock. 立馬訂購了兩組洗髮精和潤髮乳,我洗髮精和潤髮乳從原本一次只買一組進階到一次訂購個兩組,其實買兩組是為了免運費。😂 I ordered 2 sets of shampoo and conditioner. Well, I normally order a set only. I do not want to pay for shipping fee so I ordered 2 sets this time.😂 兩組的洗髮精、潤髮乳有點重,有到3公斤。 It's 3 … Continue reading Tigi Catwalk Fashionista Violet Shampoo & Conditioner

ASOS Socks & Bershka Novelty Print Sweatshirt

又偷偷從ASOS買了一些衣服,幸好男友完全沒有發現我的衣櫥處於無性生殖的狀態。😂 I ordered something from ASOS. Luckily, BF didn't figure out that my wardrobe is expanding. 😂 來看看這次買了些什麼?原來是一件上衣、和兩雙襪子。 Let's see what have I ordered this time: one top and 2 socks. 灰色緞帶好明顯。 Grey ribbons are so obvious. ASOS 銀色綁緞帶腳踝襪: 襪子品質還行。但是襪子本身看起來比較像灰色。😅 ASOS Silver Glitter Bow Strap Ankle Socks: The quality of socks is alright. However, the ankle … Continue reading ASOS Socks & Bershka Novelty Print Sweatshirt