Rituals Body Care & Hair Wax

圖片就用上次的吧,反正包裝長得一模一樣。 Rituals has same packaging every time. No matter how much you buy, they pack your items with a big box and plenty of paper. 這是我第二次買Rituals,在這次祭出滿50送身體乳霜,我立馬又湊50元得到一罐免費的身體乳液。 This is my second time buying Rituals products. They have special promotion of buying $AUD 50 and receiving a free body cream. Of course, I did buy minimum $50 … Continue reading Rituals Body Care & Hair Wax


Korres Japanese Rose Shower Gel

我個人習慣兩種不同味道的沐浴乳交替使用,繼上次買一送一個水蓮沐浴乳後,忍不住手癢又買了新的一組沐浴乳。 I have 2 shower gels for showering. After the limited set I bought last time, I can't stop buying another set of shower gel. 打開來看就是很明顯的買一送一,這樣才17.5澳幣,買起來超划算的。 Buy 1 and get 1 free. The set costs AUD 17.5, it really worths the price. 我個人偏好水蓮,日本玫瑰我是覺得聞起來比較像是尖銳的花香味,不像水蓮一樣柔和。 ⇒購買資訊: ASOS買入 $$:17.5澳幣 容量:250ml 香味:日本玫瑰 I prefer water lily one than Japanese … Continue reading Korres Japanese Rose Shower Gel

Korres Water Lily Blossom Shower Gel

最近迷上囤積保養品,因為我的個性是一定要有備貨在才會有安心的感覺,不知不覺就越買越多了,這次買的沐浴乳是從ASOS買的,那時候買一送一而且一組只要17.5澳幣,當然是買了啊! I love to stock cosmetics and body care products. Even I haven't finished my current one, I must have more than needed products to make me feel relief. It's the major reason I buy more and more. Any way, I got these shower gels from ASOS. It's the limited set, you buy one and … Continue reading Korres Water Lily Blossom Shower Gel

Review on Rituals Dark Grey Nail Colour

這次要分享的是上次Rituals買的深灰指甲油,他們的指甲油沒有很多,不過深灰這個顏色看起來很有意思,一罐7.50澳幣,其實沒有很便宜,但是算是可以接受的價位。 I am going to share review on Rituals Dark Grey nail polish. They don't really have many choices on nail colours but Dark Grey looks fascinating. It's the colour I don't have in my nail colour collection. Though it costs AU7.5, t's still acceptable for a nail varnish. 擦了兩層的結果,我就分享一下個人使用心得。 優點: 容易上色。 顏色飽和。 快乾。 容易卸除 … Continue reading Review on Rituals Dark Grey Nail Colour

Rituals Shower Foam, Facial Toner & Nail Polish

這是第一次在雪梨買Rituals的產品,想當年我在倫敦的時候也在他家買過不少東西,發現雪梨也有Rituals的店當然要支持一下啦,不過由於雪梨兩家Rituals的店都離我家很遠,我就只好網路購物了。 This is the first time I bought Rituals products in Sydney. I first discovered this brand when I lived in London. As I figure out that there are Rituals stores in Sydney, I feel that  I must buy something. However, both Rituals stores are too far from where I live. As a result, I … Continue reading Rituals Shower Foam, Facial Toner & Nail Polish

Goods I Bought from Taobao

這次要分享的是淘寶。 I am going to share some goods I bought from taboo. 這次買的是一條紅色的中長裙,重點是它超便宜,雖然我覺得有點窗簾布感覺。 這件裙子是日本模特兒藤井莉娜自創的品牌,我是覺得他們家的衣服還好,我就不小心買到一件超雷的洋裝,我發誓我以後不會再買他們家的東西了,洋裝就留著下次介紹。 外加蕾絲桌布,我覺得這蕾絲桌布就普普啦。   I bought a red midi skirt which is on sale. Though I feel it sort of looks like curtain. The brand of the red midi skirt is LME, which is created by retired ViVi Japanese model Lena Fujii. The … Continue reading Goods I Bought from Taobao

Too Faced Snow Bunny Bronzer

之前因為心情不是很爽,就殺到Mecca買bronzer了。 挑選許久總算找到命定的Too Faced Snow Bunny修容。 I felt bad on a Saturday after having cold fight with BF. So I went to Mecca for shopping. Well, I always feel better after buying something. I got bronzer this time. After choosing in between bronzers, I found my favourite Too Faced Snow Bunny bronzer. 這一盒就是傳說中的bronzer,看它金光閃閃的外盒,是不是很美呢? This is the … Continue reading Too Faced Snow Bunny Bronzer

Sexy Office Lady Style

這次要介紹的偽OL風穿著,為何是偽OL呢?因為這樣穿實在是太性感了。 I am going to introduce office lady style look this time. It's pretty sexy look so I don't recommend you to dress like this in your office. 可以看到我襯衫的部分是選擇蕾絲襯衫,那裙子是吊帶裙,外加超高黑色高跟鞋,一整個就是超級不適合走路的穿扮,管他的,正就好。 You can see that I chose black lace shirt and match it with striped pinafore skirt. I wore super high black heels, I would say it's … Continue reading Sexy Office Lady Style

Beauty Bay: Estelle & Thild

身為Estelle & Thild的粉絲,看到他在特價,當然首務之急就是狠狠的囤貨。 When I saw Estelle & Thild products were on sale on Beauty Bay, the first thing I did is to stock my favourite goods. Not to mention I am a fans of Estelle & Thild. 迫不及待打開來看,買的產品都被仔細的包好。 I coulddn't wait to unpack it. All products were carefully wrapped. 由左至右:水蓮的身體乳霜,臉部去角質和全能潤色乳液(這次買的是給淺色肌膚用的)。 等到我開始使用在分享感想吧,先這樣了,我們下次見! From left to … Continue reading Beauty Bay: Estelle & Thild