Dolls Kill; Coolest Items

這次次從Dolls Kill 買的,所以這個包裹是從美國直接寄來的,這次又買了什麼呢?讓我們一起來看看。 I bought from American site 'Dolls Kill'. Obviously, this parcel was sent directly from the US. What did I buy this time? Let's see. 總共買了兩件東西,完全看不出是啥吧? 2 items. Can anyone guess what I bought? 標榜made in USA的外套,就讓我們看看這件毛外套有啥過人之處吧。 Made in USA cropped white fur jacket. Let's see what's special with this cropped jacket. 結果他是一件LED燈的外套,在夜店一穿頓時之間變成全場焦點,簡直是時尚到了極點。 … Continue reading Dolls Kill; Coolest Items


Ippodo Matcha & Shincha

這次直接從日本一保堂購買抹茶運至雪梨,開心的是一保堂有提供寄送海外的服務,所以這次是直接從官網訂購不用經由轉運網站。 I purchased matcha directly from Ippodo Japan. Happily, Ippodo ship oversea. Otherwise, I have to buy via forwarding websites. 果然是日本人,一打開包裝包得嚴嚴實實的。 Really Japanese style. They packed the product so carefully. 隨著抹茶們贈送的一保堂目錄和茶的泡法小手冊一本。 Not even matcha but Ippodo sent with their brochure and how to make tea instruction. 買的產品一覽(從左至右): 宇治清水 400g含糖沖泡抹茶粉 ¥700 風味的友 40g 調理用抹茶粉 ¥280 宇治本場新茶 50g ¥1,100 幾世的昔 … Continue reading Ippodo Matcha & Shincha

Reebok AU Online Shopping

在6月1號收到包裹,寄送速度其實蠻快的。 I received parcel on 01.06, it didn't take 5 working days for shipping. I am really satisfied with everything. 一共買了六件衣服,其實主要是為了湊滿100元免運費,反正第一次購買還有九折優惠,全部買下還也才105澳幣。 I ordered 6 clothes in total. I don't want to spend on shipping fee, so I have to buy $100 AUD products. Well, I have 10% off promo code for first time buying from … Continue reading Reebok AU Online Shopping

Craftholic Invasion

這次又從日本買了一大箱,這次有比較收斂,只有7公斤左右,可是運費還是貴的噴血。 This is the second time I bought from Japan. Well, I didn't buy much compare to the first time. The whole parcel weighs around 7 KG but the shipping fee is still expensive. 這次集中火力購買宇宙人系列商品,光是抱枕M號就買了5顆(笑)。 I only purchased Craftholic products this time. Did I mention I buy 5 size M cushions (smile)? 除了宇宙人娃娃以外還有小置物籃、面紙套、L號毯子、化妝包、除塵撢、馬克杯、票卡夾、手機包和夏日涼感眼罩。 Apart from … Continue reading Craftholic Invasion