Brave Soul Tweed Shorts

最近一直買短褲,雖然穿的機會不大。 I am fond of buying shorts currently. Though I do not have much chance wearing shorts out. 這次買的是毛呢款。 I got tweed shorts this time. 實穿圖 Actual wear photo. It is sort of tight to be honest. ⇒ 購物資訊 ⇒ Shopping Info Happy shopping guys! ♥️

Adore Beauty July Shopping Haul

七月鬼打牆,一時很想買Nuxe的保養油,為了兩個小樣硬湊單50澳幣。 I was eager to get Nuxe oil in July. I spent $50+ AU dollars in order to get 2 free samples. 也就買三樣東西而已:GHD的抗熱噴霧、Nuxe 亮片金粉保養護理油、和Butter London的指甲油。 不虧是澳洲公司,每次購買必贈Tim Tam 😂 I ordered 3 items this time: GHD heat protect spray, Nuxe multi-function dry golden oil and Butter London nail polish. I like the idea they give Tim Tam … Continue reading Adore Beauty July Shopping Haul

Motel Sequin Shorts with Lace Trim

一段時間沒有買ASOS了,這件亮片短褲一直在我的清單裡面,某天正好有我的尺寸,二話不說立馬買單。 I have yet to purchase anything from ASOS for a while. The sequin shorts has been on my favourite list for long time. I was lucky enough to order my size when I saw the shorts back to stock. 滿滿的亮片 Full sequins all over the shorts. 這件亮片褲的亮片縫得很差,穿的時候我還被亮片割傷,最後是我把多餘的亮片拆掉,穿的時候才沒有再被割傷,很不推薦大家買。 I must say sequins sew on shorts … Continue reading Motel Sequin Shorts with Lace Trim