Adore Beauty June Shopping Haul

最近有事沒事商店都在打折,在Adore Beauty不小心又買了將近100澳幣。 It is end of financial month sale, I accidentally spent nearly $100(AUD) on Adore Beauty. 雖說是快速郵件,其實速度還好 Even it is express mail, it's not that fast to be honest. 開箱 Unboxed 箱子裝滿滿,很有成就感。 The box is fulled with my purchase items. 買了我最愛的瑞典Sachajuan的身體沐浴組和護髮膜,還有3ina的眼唇卸妝液。 How can I miss my favourite Swedish brand Sachajuan? I bought a set … Continue reading Adore Beauty June Shopping Haul


Beserk June Shopping Haul

最近想嘗試黑暗風的leggings,看到Beserk有一款特價長得蠻特別的,手一滑就買了,除了leggins還順便買了兩罐染劑。 I feel trying punk style currently.  When I saw the certain sale leggings I simply clicked on buy it then... Apart from leggings, I ordered semi-permanent hair dye. 其實我不覺得染髮劑算是易碎品。 I do not think that hair colour products are vulnerable items. 看到leggings和染劑還有一張Beserk的名片。 You can see leggings, hair dye and Beserk name card. 兩罐半永久染劑,顏色不一樣但我最近都挑藍色的。 Two semi-permanent … Continue reading Beserk June Shopping Haul

Dolce & Gabbana Rosa Duchessa Pro Blush Powder

不小心瞥到Dolce & Gabbana的限量腮紅,一晃神就下單了。 I accidentally saw the limited edition blush by Dolce & Gabbana. After I realised what have I been done, had I order the blush already. Myer很浪費,小小的東西用了一個大紙盒。 I hope Myer can pack the item in a smaller box. 這顆腮紅容量蠻大的,有到16公克。 It is a big blush, 16g net weight. 腮紅刷沒有裝在盒子裡。 The mini blush brush couldn't … Continue reading Dolce & Gabbana Rosa Duchessa Pro Blush Powder

Belle & Bloom New Palm Handbag Gift Pack

前不久很想買包包的我總算找到一個trendy的包,重點是特價不到150澳幣。 I am looking for a new bag and I finally found a trendy ring bag which costs no more than $250(AUD). 這是第一次在The Iconic 買東西,出貨速度蠻快的。 This is my first time buying from The Iconic, they deliver your goods fast. Belle & Bloom的紙箱 Belle & Bloom paper box. 打得非常醜的蝴蝶結。 Really ugly ribbon tie. 防塵袋和兔子吊飾 Dust bag … Continue reading Belle & Bloom New Palm Handbag Gift Pack

Myer Homeware Shopping Haul

舊的摩卡壺有點年代久遠,想換新的,趁Myer特價趕快買入摩卡壺,為了免運又很順手地買了別的東西。 I was looking for a new moka pot since the old one is rusty. In order to be qualified for free shipping, I purchased other things to meet the requirement. 這次選用店取,沒有郵寄。三樣東西就噴了我一百澳幣,荷包君在哭泣。😭 分別是Le Creuset的油刷、Bialetti的加壓摩卡壺Joseph Joseph的可調節桿麵棍 I selected pick up in store this time, so they did not post my items. Even I only ordered 3 … Continue reading Myer Homeware Shopping Haul

YSL Mascara Volume Effect Faux Cils Set

自從接觸化妝以後,睫毛膏記憶中沒買過開架的,都是專櫃等級。YSL的金管已經用完兩三管了,這次買的是睫毛膏組合。 All my mascaras are branded since the time I've learnt to makeup. I have been buying YSL mascaras for a while. I chose the mascara set this time. 正好David Jones打折。 Luckily, David Jones was in sale month. 開箱 Unboxed. 除了睫毛膏本體還有一支小口紅,特價的關係整組才買39.9澳幣。 The set include full size mascara and mini lipstick. It only costs $39.9 AUD … Continue reading YSL Mascara Volume Effect Faux Cils Set

Puma Suede Basket Heart Safari

前幾個星期折扣季,一進百貨公司出來手上就不小心多了一雙鞋了。 Stores were on sale few weeks ago. I remember there was one time I went into a department store but came out with a pair of new shoes. 我當初在David Jones的網站上看到Puma的這雙鞋以後一直念念不忘,很不幸的是官網上沒有我的尺寸,沒想到我在David Jones居然看到唯一一雙我的尺碼的Puma,當然是立馬買了,超怕有人跟我搶這雙的。 I first saw this shoe on David Jones website, unluckily my size is out of stock when I finally made up my mind … Continue reading Puma Suede Basket Heart Safari

Adore Beauty March Shopping Haul

最近不知道在鬼打牆什麼,狂買美妝。 I do not know what have I been thinking about, I continuously buying beauty products. 收到了包裹 Received the parcel. 開箱 Unboxed. 沒有到狂買,只買了一組身體乳液和沐浴乳還有GHD的捲髮噴霧。 可以看到贈品和Tim Tam I did not buy a lot. I only ordered a set of body lotion, wash and GHD curl hold spray. Free hair samples and a Tim Tam bar (so Aussie). … Continue reading Adore Beauty March Shopping Haul

Special Effects & Directions Semi-Permanent Hair Colour

上髮廊染髮太貴,加上我覺得頭髮顏色太無聊,於是便上網買了半永久地染髮膏。 It is too expensive to have my hair dye in hair salon in Australia, so I decided to buy hair colours and dye my own hair. 從Beserk買的,只能說寄送速度很慢。 I ordered my semi-permanent hair dye from Beserk. Such snail mail I received. 有附贈一顆糖果。 Free candy with purchasing. 一共買了三罐,下次可能再買個兩罐。 I ordered 3 in total, I might order … Continue reading Special Effects & Directions Semi-Permanent Hair Colour

David Jones Cosmetics Shopping Haul

因為復活節的關係,百貨公司狂打折,我在受到美妝打折的驅使下,不小心手賤就噴了不少摳摳。 Stores are on sale due to Easter holidays. When I first saw Burberry cosmetics are on sale for 50% off, I cannot resist buying some new cosmetics. 說到郵寄過程就有點生氣了,我三月30號訂的東西,原定四月五號送到,不知道郵局在幹嘛給我延遲一天才收到包裹。 I was sort of upset receiving the parcel. I ordered items on 30th of March and I supposed to receive parcel on 5th of April. But … Continue reading David Jones Cosmetics Shopping Haul