Traffic People Dresses

今天要很愉悅的分享之前買的兩件洋裝。 This post is about dress by Traffic People (London brand). 附上購買證據。 Attached with receipt, which proves I actually buy it. 收到包裹的時候,我還傻眼了一下:想說ASOS該不會漏送了吧! I was surprised when I first received the parcel. I thought to myself  ''Does ASOS forget to send another dress?'' 拆開真的有兩件,只是衣服很薄,所以才會讓我有一種ASOS漏寄一件的感覺。 There are actually 2 dresses I ordered. Well, the texture of the … Continue reading Traffic People Dresses

Adore Beauty: Sachajuan Body Lotion Ginger Flower

最近因為身體乳液快用完了,想到之前在瑞典買的薑花身體乳液,便上網找了一下看看澳洲能不能買到,幸運的是我真的在Adore Beauty這個澳洲網站買到我之前用過的薑花乳液,重點是Adore Beauty免運,超推薦給大家使用。 Well, I am currently running out of body moisturiser. I was thinking get the ginger flower one which I bought in Sweden. I don't know whether I can find it here in Australia so I looked up online and luckily find Adore Beauty online shop. They do sell Sachajuan products and they … Continue reading Adore Beauty: Sachajuan Body Lotion Ginger Flower

Love Lula: Aviela Shea Butter Black Soap & Indemne Cleansing Water

我發現Naturisimo寄送速度比Love Lula 要快得很多,我Love Lula等超過三星期,差點以為包裹寄丟時總算是給收到了。 I have shopping experiences with both Naturisimo and Love Lula. However, I found that Love Lula's parcel usually arrives late than expected delivery time. It took me 3 weeks to receive my package from Love Lula. Well, I almost thought my parcel was lost. 你看,包裹收到紙盒都爛了。 See, the paper box is tear … Continue reading Love Lula: Aviela Shea Butter Black Soap & Indemne Cleansing Water

Miss Selfridge Petite Floral Mini Lace Skirt

最近沒包裹收感到渾身不對勁,忍不下手殘買了一條裙子。 I do not feel alright when I have no parcels to receive. Let's say I purchased a skirt accidentally. ASOS的外袋,想趕快拆開。 ASOS parcel. I wanted to open it soon as possible. 就是一條裙子。 Simply a skirt. Miss Selfridge的蕾絲迷你裙。 黑白蕾絲看起來格外的特別。 我買的時候沒有注意到它是Petite系列,幸好我塞得下。 Miss Selfridge floral mini lace skirt. Black and white floral lace makes the skirt unique. I … Continue reading Miss Selfridge Petite Floral Mini Lace Skirt

Lavera Basis Sensitive Toothpaste

之前使用Welda的牙膏,但是不想買同樣的,於是上網訂購新的有機牙膏。 I nearly run out of Weleda toothpaste and I don't feel using the same one. I ordered an organic toothpaste from Naturisimo. 這是在過了兩個多禮拜以後收到的英國包裹。 I received the parcel after waiting for around 2 weeks. 打開以後滿滿的填充物,只是一條牙膏而已。 Well, full packed items after unbox. It's merely a toothpaste. 還是有Naturisimo的包裝紙,可以看到牙膏躲在包裝紙下。 You can see toothpaste hid under the packing paper. … Continue reading Lavera Basis Sensitive Toothpaste

Sheridan Everyday Cotton Sheet Set

為了配合新被子的顏色,特別買了床單,這一買又噴掉不少錢了。 In order to match the colour of new duvet cover, I spent on buying new set of sheet. Sheridan店裡買原價的床單實在是太貴了,所以上了outlet買,這一買下來一套加運費也才100出頭,實在是便宜啊! Well, it's expensive to buy sheet in Sheridan store. So I ordered sheet set from Sheridan outlet online. I only spent around 100 to get a set of sheet and separate sheet. It is definitely … Continue reading Sheridan Everyday Cotton Sheet Set

Kylie at Home Eva Duvet Cover

最近花大錢換寢具,在枕頭沒有重新買的情況下,噴了將近400澳幣了 😭 I spent a lot money on new bedlinen. Not to mention I haven't purchased any new pillow, have I already spent nearly $400 AUD. 😭 買的是凱莉米洛的居家品牌的被套,我之前在英國也是買的被套,所以才很堅持的在澳洲也要買一樣的品牌。 I ordered duvet cover by Kylie Minogue. Well, I had the same brand duvet when I lived in London. It is the reason why I want to get the … Continue reading Kylie at Home Eva Duvet Cover

Heritage 85/15 Duck Down & Feather Quilt

凜冬將至,之前的棉被實在是太爛,只好花錢買新的啦(荷包君表示乾癟削瘦中)。 Winter is coming. Well, the previous duvet we had is not suitable for winter so we have to get a new one (purse is losing weight...). 經過一星期以後,收到一箱超大的包裹,澳洲郵政真的是慢到極致。 I finally received the parcel after 1 week. Well, I must say AusPost is really slow. 打開以後,就只是一個塑膠袋包著新被子而已。 Unopened the box: only a plastic bag covered the item. … Continue reading Heritage 85/15 Duck Down & Feather Quilt

Ciate Pretty Stix Murumuru Butter Lipstick

今天要分享的品項是從ASOS買的口紅。 This article is about lipstick purchased from ASOS. 我只小買一樣單品就收到如此大包裝。 I only bought 1 single item and ASOS packed it with big box. 加了一層保護袋,可以看到唇膏在招手。 There is a protect bag, you can see the lipstick actually. 真的就只有一條口紅而已。 There is only 1 lipstick in the paper box. 這個顏色叫Boho,網路上找到的色號是接近葡萄乾色。 The colour of the lipstick is closed to raisin … Continue reading Ciate Pretty Stix Murumuru Butter Lipstick

Tisserand Sweet Dreams Vaporising Oil Blend

這次要分享的是從英國天然保養品網站買的精油。 This article will be shed light on oil blend I purchased from British natural cosmetics website. 等了超過兩星期才從英國姍姍來遲的包裹。 I waited for more than 2 weeks and finally received the parcel. 沒想到包裝得如此多廢材。 Well, I didn't expect them to pack it in this way. 買的東西也就這一丁點,對方還是貼心的用包裝紙包裝了起來。 I only ordered few items but they still packed all things with … Continue reading Tisserand Sweet Dreams Vaporising Oil Blend