Macbook Shell Cover & Anti-Dust Plug

蘋果筆電買了好久,從來沒有幫它穿衣服的念頭,某天心血來潮決定寵愛一下我的筆電,於是便上網幫它物色了一件美美的衣服,除了衣服以外,還順道買了防塵插。 I have my Macbook Pro Rentina (late 2013 version) for long time, I didn't think about buying a cover. Well, one day I suddenly decided that my Macbook needs a cover so I went online and bought a shell cover and anti-dust plugs. 蘋果筆電的新衣服和防塵插 Shell cover for Macbook and anti-dust plugs. 新衣的樣子 Close look … Continue reading Macbook Shell Cover & Anti-Dust Plug


Ann Summers Notebooks

今天要介紹的是送禮自用兩相宜的兔兔筆記本。是不是超可愛的筆記本啊?兩本都有兔兔。 I am going to share a perfect gift idea of notebooks set from Ann Summers. Aren't they the cutest notebooks? They both have rabbit print on. 看到小本的兔子尾巴了沒?一整坨毛毛的尾巴完全是構成我購買的主因啊!大本的也很可愛啦。 Have you seen the furry tail? That tail is the main reason I bought the notebooks. Even the larger size notebook is cute as well.   不用懷疑,連底都是粉紅色充滿著少女心,其實他已經可愛到我捨不得用的地步了 … Continue reading Ann Summers Notebooks

Kikki.K Budget Book

今天剛從Kikki.K買回來的記帳本。 I bought this lovely budget book from Kikki.K. 一打開很貼心的有使用方法 When you first open the page, it has the instruction on the first page. 內頁則是範本。不過說實在的,這本記帳本唯一的缺點就是書寫格子太小。 There is expenses log example including in budget book. However, I find the space to write details is pretty small. 最後還有月統計看你當月的支出。我喜歡它引用的話,真的,作帳就是要從今天開始。 There is monthly summary for you to check your … Continue reading Kikki.K Budget Book