Essential Bakeware & Kitchen Tool

我最近真的迷上買廚房用品,上星期手賤又不小心買了三樣東西,其中兩樣是因為需要而另外一樣只是覺得只花37澳幣不太爽,所以隨便買的。 I am currently addicted to buy kitchen stuff. Actually, I accidentally bought 3 items on Kitchenware House website last Friday. Two items are necessary for my baking hobby. I bought another one simply I didn't feel enough spend AUD$37. I felt for buying more so I ended up spending 46.05. 上面還註明易碎,其實我不覺得我買的東西有多脆弱啦! Haha, the package came … Continue reading Essential Bakeware & Kitchen Tool


Have You Even Seen a Glass Pot?

這是九月底買的,但是因為正好中國國慶,所以運送速度慢了點。 I bought all these items in the end of September. However, it was Chinese national day in the beginning of October. So I received my items in mid October. 這次一樣還是麻布袋。 Still straw bag packaging this time. 這次沒買太多,只有兩個包裹而已。 I didn't buy too much this time. Two small parcels only. 包裹其中之一,是我買的玻璃鍋,我完全無法想像澳洲居然沒有玻璃鍋這種東西,買了3公升的容量,送一組沙拉碗,雖說運費比鍋子還要貴,但是看在澳洲買不到的份上,我覺得很值得。 One of the packages. I … Continue reading Have You Even Seen a Glass Pot?