Tabao: Food Containers, Water Bottles & Straws

最近買淘寶買上癮,特別是居家用品,一整個就是打算從淘寶大買特買。 I am indulge in shopping on Taobao. Especially small household items. I feel like buying everything on Taobao. 寄到澳洲的包裝。 How the packaging was when it arrived to my house. 拆掉外面黑色塑膠,裡面紙盒直接貼起來。 After unwrap the outer packing, they simply sealed paper boxes with tape. 這次買的東西,因為都是玻璃材質,所以除了紙箱以外還有一層塑膠。 What I bought this time. Because of the vulnerable material of items, they … Continue reading Tabao: Food Containers, Water Bottles & Straws


Lovelula: Hair Oil & Samples

又從Lovelula 買了保養品,每次從英國寄送的都要等超久。 I ordered from Lovelula to get hair care product. Well, it takes so long to receive the parcel sent from UK. 一打開就是這次購買的收據。 I first see the receipt when I unboxed. 這是第二次買這罐乳油果木護髮油了,我蠻喜歡它的味道,加上它沒有添加有的沒的,絕對是買的安心。 This is the second time I bought Aviela hair oil treatment. I love its natural shea butter fragrance. Not to mention its … Continue reading Lovelula: Hair Oil & Samples

Salon Style: Tigi Fashionista Shampoo & Conditioner

這次買的是什麼呢?居然有1.7公斤。 Guess what I bought this time. It weighs 1.7kg. 打開包裝以後居然用報紙包,這我也是第一次看到。 I can't believe they packed it with newspaper. I must say this is the first time I ever seen the store pack with newspaper. 這次又買Tigi 的矯色洗髮精,我已經用完兩罐300ml裝的洗髮精,這次決定買一組大容量的,之前買的潤髮乳250ml,大包裝的洗潤都是750ml,當然是買大包裝比較划算啦,重點是這樣買下不到50澳幣,不多說了,我要去洗頭了。 I bought toning shampoo from Tigi again. Well, I already ran out of 2x300ml shampoo. That's why I … Continue reading Salon Style: Tigi Fashionista Shampoo & Conditioner

Beauty Bay: Paul & Joe Cosmetics

許久不見,又累積了無數篇要寫的開箱文,這次又是從Beauty Bay下手,只是這次收貨的時間比較久。 Long time no see! Geez, I have more than 3 unbox articles to write. Any way, I am going to share items I bought from Beauty Bay this time. Though it took a little bit longer for me to receive the parcel. 一樣是打開的樣子,包的好好的,產品保護的很好。 Unboxing. You can see they packed goods really careful. 我不是湯姆貓與傑利鼠的鐵粉,但是看到這個可愛的粉盒就忍不住下手了,只是買到現在我一直沒有買粉,女人買東西是靠著一股衝勁。 … Continue reading Beauty Bay: Paul & Joe Cosmetics

Shoefun: Irregular Choice Shoes

很久沒發新文了,這次要分享的是愛牌Irregular Choice的鞋子,我沒有從官網買而是從Shoefun這個網站購買,因為我買的這款官網已經斷貨了,正好Shoefun有貨而且在做打折再八折得優惠,當然是從Shoefun買啦。 I have yet to update my blog for a while. I am going to share about shoes from my favourite brand; Irregular Choice. Well, I didn't purchase from Irregular Choice official site. The main reason is that they are sold out. So I ordered the shoes from Aussie site; Shoefun. I received the voucher … Continue reading Shoefun: Irregular Choice Shoes

Love Lula: Humble Hand Lotion

我Jurlique的玫瑰護手霜快用完,但是不想再花大錢買Jurlique的產品,於是便上了Lovelula 挑選一罐護手乳。 I nearly finish Jurlique rose hand cream. However, I don't feel buying same hand cream. I went on Lovelula and got a different one. 來自英國的天然有機品牌:Humble的護手乳液。我還沒用不能分享使用心得,天啊,我怎麼沒發現我又買玫瑰口味的了? Natural and organic brand from UK; Humble. However, I can't share my review on the product. I am still using Jurlique hand cream at the moment. Geez, I … Continue reading Love Lula: Humble Hand Lotion

Beauty Bay: PJ & Anna Sui Cosmetics

這次又在Beauty Bay花了不少錢,甚至無緣無故拿到贈品,說實在是很爽啦。 I spent a little bit money on Beauty Bay this time. I even got a free sample with this purchase. 盒子一打開就是明細,沒想到我這次居然花了英鎊40。 There's detailed receipt when I first unbox. I didn't expect that I spent £40. 收據拿掉就是我這次買的物品了,可以看到全部都很仔細的包裝起來。 After I took the receipt away, you can see they packed items carefully. 這次花了不少$$,分別是沒有口紅的口紅管、安娜蘇的眼影盤和睫毛膏。 4 items cost … Continue reading Beauty Bay: PJ & Anna Sui Cosmetics