Adore Beauty June Shopping Haul

最近有事沒事商店都在打折,在Adore Beauty不小心又買了將近100澳幣。 It is end of financial month sale, I accidentally spent nearly $100(AUD) on Adore Beauty. 雖說是快速郵件,其實速度還好 Even it is express mail, it's not that fast to be honest. 開箱 Unboxed 箱子裝滿滿,很有成就感。 The box is fulled with my purchase items. 買了我最愛的瑞典Sachajuan的身體沐浴組和護髮膜,還有3ina的眼唇卸妝液。 How can I miss my favourite Swedish brand Sachajuan? I bought a set … Continue reading Adore Beauty June Shopping Haul


Beserk June Shopping Haul

最近想嘗試黑暗風的leggings,看到Beserk有一款特價長得蠻特別的,手一滑就買了,除了leggins還順便買了兩罐染劑。 I feel trying punk style currently.  When I saw the certain sale leggings I simply clicked on buy it then... Apart from leggings, I ordered semi-permanent hair dye. 其實我不覺得染髮劑算是易碎品。 I do not think that hair colour products are vulnerable items. 看到leggings和染劑還有一張Beserk的名片。 You can see leggings, hair dye and Beserk name card. 兩罐半永久染劑,顏色不一樣但我最近都挑藍色的。 Two semi-permanent … Continue reading Beserk June Shopping Haul