Indemne Cleansing Water

最近因為眼唇卸妝液快用完了,於是上了Lovelula購買卸妝產品,這次挑選的是來自法國的天然有機品牌Indemne的卸妝水。 I am about to run out of my current eye remover so I went on Lovelula and looking for a new makeup remover. I pick up the cleansing water from natural/organic French brand called Indemne. 近照特寫。不用說,收到以後,我立刻試用,我在手上擦了嬌蘭的黑色眼線液以及防水睫毛膏,沒想到這瓶卸妝水超給力,立馬卸得一乾二淨,然後卸妝水因為草本配方的,所以聞起來非常的自然,我個人蠻可以接受這味道的,我真的超級推薦這罐卸妝水,260ml的容量只要£10,女孩們,妳們還在猶豫什麼呢? Details of the cleansing water. Any way, after I received this product, I tried to remove Guerlian black … Continue reading Indemne Cleansing Water


Kikki.K Budget Book

今天剛從Kikki.K買回來的記帳本。 I bought this lovely budget book from Kikki.K. 一打開很貼心的有使用方法 When you first open the page, it has the instruction on the first page. 內頁則是範本。不過說實在的,這本記帳本唯一的缺點就是書寫格子太小。 There is expenses log example including in budget book. However, I find the space to write details is pretty small. 最後還有月統計看你當月的支出。我喜歡它引用的話,真的,作帳就是要從今天開始。 There is monthly summary for you to check your … Continue reading Kikki.K Budget Book

Alice in Wonderland Sandals

另外一雙愛麗絲夢遊仙境的涼鞋總算從倫敦遠渡重洋到了雪梨。 Another pair of limited edition Alice in Wonderland sandals finally travelled from London to Sydney. 仔細看看細節的愛麗絲和兔子先生的印花是不是很精緻呢?圖案周圍的小毛球們把整雙涼鞋點綴得更可愛了。 Isn't the printing Alice and Mr. Rabbit detailed and delicate? There are pom pom balls decorated which make sandals so cute. 這雙涼鞋的鞋底雖然沒有印花,不過蝴蝶底防滑,所以不用特別拿去加底。 There are no printed pictures on soles but butterflies soles are anti-slippery. So no need to … Continue reading Alice in Wonderland Sandals

Midsummer White Lace Pleated Skirt

今天要分享的穿搭是蕾絲百摺裙加上短版蕾絲上衣,為了怕都是白色太單調,我就特別搭配了一條流蘇腰帶。 I am about to share my style which is white lace pleated skirt with white lace crop top today. Well, I don't want to look too 'white' so I attached a tassel belt. 白色蕾絲百褶裙的近照,這件裙子超挺的,還有口袋,難怪要價84英鎊。好啦!其實裙子上的蕾絲刺繡非常的精緻。 Details of the white pleated lace skirt. There are two hidden pockets, I guess that is the reason why the … Continue reading Midsummer White Lace Pleated Skirt

& Other Stories Tan Satchel

這是我在倫敦 & Other Stories 買的復古方包。雖然這個包有點貴,但是它是一個真皮包,更不用說一個真皮的包包可以陪伴你好長的一段時間。對我而言我覺得這個包包值得我投資。 This is the bag I purchased from & Other Stories in London. As you can see that this bag is little bit pricy but it's made of real leather. Not to mention a leather bag can company you for long time. It seems to be a good investment to me. … Continue reading & Other Stories Tan Satchel

Limited Alice in Wonderland Shoes

今天要分享給大家的是上個星期推出的Irregular Choice x Disney 的限量愛麗絲鞋兒們,我在知道這個消息後,立刻守在電腦前就是準備等著搶一雙美美的愛麗絲鞋,偏偏愛麗絲鞋太美麗了,一推出立馬賣完,幸運的是我搶到了兩雙,只是一雙是從官網買的,另外一雙則是從澳洲一個賣鞋的網站買的,話不多說,我就先上夢幻的Curiouser 給大家看看到底這次的限量愛麗絲鞋兒是多麽的吸引人。 I am going to share Alice in Wonderland collection by Irregular Choice. Firstly, this fabulous collection is limited edition. As for me, I went crazy when I hear the word 'limited edition'. As soon as Alice collect was launching last week, I purchased two pairs of them. Even I feel … Continue reading Limited Alice in Wonderland Shoes