Review on Bialetti Brikka Moka Pot

2016年是我第一次購買摩卡壺,在今年新買了一支有加壓功能的摩卡壺。 I bought my first moka pot in 2016 and I purchased a new moka pot with valve this year. 這隻摩卡壺叫Brikka,是唯一有聚壓頭的摩卡壺,煮出來的咖啡比一般摩卡壺多了更香濃的crema。 This moka pot from Bialetti is called Brikka; the only product has pressure system compare to other similar moka pots. The pressure system makes the coffee more intense expresso style and thick crema. 這是2016年買入的摩卡壺,不到三年的期間已經變成這個樣子了。 … Continue reading Review on Bialetti Brikka Moka Pot


Ippodo Matcha & Shincha

這次直接從日本一保堂購買抹茶運至雪梨,開心的是一保堂有提供寄送海外的服務,所以這次是直接從官網訂購不用經由轉運網站。 I purchased matcha directly from Ippodo Japan. Happily, Ippodo ship oversea. Otherwise, I have to buy via forwarding websites. 果然是日本人,一打開包裝包得嚴嚴實實的。 Really Japanese style. They packed the product so carefully. 隨著抹茶們贈送的一保堂目錄和茶的泡法小手冊一本。 Not even matcha but Ippodo sent with their brochure and how to make tea instruction. 買的產品一覽(從左至右): 宇治清水 400g含糖沖泡抹茶粉 ¥700 風味的友 40g 調理用抹茶粉 ¥280 宇治本場新茶 50g ¥1,100 幾世的昔 … Continue reading Ippodo Matcha & Shincha

Severin Milk Frother

自從有了摩卡壺以後,一直覺得每次直接到鮮奶混合咖啡喝起來超無聊,就冒出買奶泡機的念頭,比較了無數奶泡機後,總算在德國亞馬遜找到一個超強奶泡機,爽的是它可以寄澳洲,於是就下訂了啦。 After we purchased our little moka pot, we feel like only milk with coffee isn't enough. We want variety so I started looking for milk frother. I compared different models and finally ordered one from German Amazon site. One of the reason is that it can be sent to Australia. Some German sellers don't … Continue reading Severin Milk Frother

Amapodo Teafavs Tea Bottle

之前從德國網站訂購的茶罐總算是飄洋過海到了雪梨了,為了它我特別上到德國官網購買,亞馬遜不運送到澳洲沒辦法。 The tea timber I ordered from German website has already arrived Sydney. I have to shop this tea bottle from official German web page because Amazon doesn't ship it to Australia. 開箱了啦,沒想到嚴肅的德國人居然會放一張英式幽默的標語。當然玻璃茶罐也細心的包好,畢竟是來自德國的產品。 Unboxed. It was amusing to see motto 'Keep calm and drink tea' in the parcel. Of course, German packed the delicate tea … Continue reading Amapodo Teafavs Tea Bottle

Bialetti Moka Pot

雪梨的冰咖啡動輒一杯五元起跳,因此我萌生了自己在家煮咖啡的念頭,當下立馬賞Myer買了一個摩卡咖啡壺,很幸運的是Myer正好在特價,原價要44.95澳幣的咖啡壺只要31.46,二話不說我立刻下定然後指使男友去店取。 我購買的摩卡壺是來自義大利摩卡壺始祖Bialetti. A cup of iced coffee costs at least $5 aud, I don't think I can afford it for long term. Therefore, I got the idea to home brew coffee. I went on Myer and bought the colourful moka pot. Luckily, the moka pot is on sale. It was $44.95 originally but the price … Continue reading Bialetti Moka Pot