Mermaid Coloured Hair

這是我在染成美人魚頭髮之前庫伊拉染髮,可以看出髮色已經褪的差不多了,這顆頭不處理一下真的不行了。 It was how my hair looked like before the current mermaid hair. Well, it's obvious that previous colours were all gone. I really had to re-dye my hair. 染髮過程就不多敘述了,這是染完髮型師特別幫我做成大波浪造型的最終樣子。主色是藍綠色,下襬以不同的紫色點綴,整顆頭堪稱低調的奢華最佳代表。 I won't focus on the process of colouring hair. It's the final look after the hair stylist waved my hair. The main colour is green … Continue reading Mermaid Coloured Hair