Johnny Loves Rosie Gold Heart Outline Choker

最近在ASOS狂買,購物清單越來越長 😅 I started buying from ASOS a lot currently. Well, my shopping list has more and more items. 😅 收到ASOS的包裹,心裡很爽。 I was so excited to receive my ASOS parcel. 結果裡面還有一個箱子。 Well, there is a box inside the package. 箱子打開居然還有一層,真的是我的老天鵝! I can't believe there is still plastic bag protection layer after unboxed. 總算看到項圈本體了。 Finally we can see … Continue reading Johnny Loves Rosie Gold Heart Outline Choker


IN ESSENCE Aroma Diffuser Vaporiser

這次要分享的是昨天才入手的香氛機。 This article is about the aroma diffuser I just got yesterday. David Jones百貨公司官網買的,我選擇店裡取貨省運費啊!不然澳洲運費基本都要$10澳幣。 I ordered on line from David Jones. But I choose to collect the item in the store. To be honest, I don't want to pay for shipping fee. They charge $10 for delivery in Australia. 建議售價要80澳幣,說真的要是沒打折我絕對不會花80澳幣買一台水氧機的。 正好因為復活節In Essence這品牌的產品都打七五折,買下來才59.95我覺得還可以。 The normal price … Continue reading IN ESSENCE Aroma Diffuser Vaporiser

Kitchenware House Bakeware

這烘培用具已經買了一段時間了,當初買主要是缺餅乾模,所以順便買了其他兩樣湊40澳幣免運費。 I have bought the bakeware for a while. I needed biscuit cutters originally. In order to be qualified for free shipping, I bought more items. 可以看到貼有易碎物品的包裝,雖然我不覺得模具很脆弱啦! You can see fragile tape on the parcel, even I do not think bakeware is vulnerable. 可以看到有一坨被包的不知是啥的東西。 They really packed it carefully. You cannot recognise what you have … Continue reading Kitchenware House Bakeware


分享的是另外一個畢耶中式炒菜鍋。 This article is about de Buyer wok.   還是一樣從德國亞馬遜買的。 I ordered the item from Amazon Germany again. 這次的包裝就更簡單了,只有用紙大約包一下,連原廠紙袋都沒有。 It is a less packing parcel. Amazon staff only packed the wok with papers, there has no de Buyer paper bag this time. 藍礦系列,很奇怪的是我官網找不到這隻鍋。 它唯一的缺點就是放在瓦斯爐上不穩,除此之外很好用。 Blue steel series. I do not know why but I can … Continue reading De Buyer BLUE STEEL Wok

Bosch MUM5 Creation Line Mixer

這次要介紹的是作為生日禮物的直立式攪拌器,其實這台攪拌器是去年十月多買的... 我因為想做麵包的關係,所以決定購買一台夠力的攪拌器來打麵糰,澳洲看到的只有Kitchenaid,而我很討厭美國品牌,所以Kitchenaid完全不在我考慮範圍內,研究了半天,就決定從德國網站購買這台馬力強大的攪拌機。 I am going write about the standing mixer which Tom bought me as my birthday present. Well, I actually ordered it in October last year... I wanted to make breads, therefore I was thinking about get a powerful standing mixer for beating dough. However, I can only find Kitchenaid mixer here in Sydney. … Continue reading Bosch MUM5 Creation Line Mixer


很久沒有打網誌分享線上戰利品了,今天要介紹的是來自法國的畢耶鍋。 I have yet to update my online shopping souvenirs blog for a while. I will shed light on  the French fry pan from de Buyer. 因為澳洲網站都找不到我要的巴黎鐵塔畢耶鍋,我只好上德國亞馬遜網站買,寄送採取UPS,速度快是快,只是運費也不便宜。 Well, I could not find French collection pan on Australian kitchenware website. I had to buy the item from Though the pan is not expensive itself, the … Continue reading De Buyer FRENCH COLLECTION B ELEMENT Fry Pan

OZ TR Partner Visa Granted (820/801)

寫在這是要分享我申請澳洲同居伴侶簽證的心得。 I wrote this article to explain the stage of applying for onshore partner visa.   先簡單介紹一下,我在2014拿打工旅遊簽證來到澳洲,2015年認識我家肥肥的老鮮肉,同年底因為簽證結束關系,所以我回台灣一趟,回台以後再申請旅遊簽證,在2016年初飛回澳洲,並且著手申請境內伴侶簽證。 I will make my story short. So I first came to Australia in 2014 for working holiday. I met my bf Tom the next year, but I had to leave Australia in the end of 2015 because of … Continue reading OZ TR Partner Visa Granted (820/801)