Vue Essential Bamboo Tray

趁著Stocktake sale 的時候,上星期日又跑去Myer搬了一個竹托盤回家。

I went to Myer to get the bamboo tray since it’s stocktake sale period.




It’s really beautiful and useful tray. Due to its bamboo material, you can smell natural bamboo.

It’s 50cm width makes it big enough for 2 medium size plates. Indeed, it’s an essential piece.



You can see VUE branded on back side of the tray.


⇒ 購物資訊

買自Myer Warringah store

$$:15.98澳幣 (原價39.95)

尺寸:長50cm x 寬35公分 x 高4cm



⇒ Shopping Info:

Purchased from Myer Warringah Store

$$: 15.98 AUD ($39.95 Original Price)

Size: L 50cm x W 35cm x H 4cm

Material: Bamboo


See you next time! ♥️


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