Staub 29cm Oval Vegetable Cocotte


Warning: This article contains lot of pictures.



我對於Le Creuset完全無愛,與其買Le Creuset不如把錢拿來買史大伯,畢竟Le Creuset的白珐瑯容易髒,而且無法搞個一鍋多用。

不知道到為何澳洲買Staub比Le Creuset便宜,百貨公司打折Staub可以打到五折,Le Creuset就沒那麼優惠了,既然Staub打折打那麼兇當然是首選,原本要七百澳幣的史大伯硬生生變成350澳幣,不買史大伯難不成我腦袋壞掉去買貴桑桑的Le Creuset?

I finally made up my mind to get a Staub cast iron pot. People said: Le Creuset is for the masses, Staub is for those in the know.

To be honest with you, I don’t like Le Creuset at all. Instead spending money on Le Creuset cocotte, I rather get Staub pot. Le Creuset pots aren’t ideal for frying but with Staub cast iron pot you can fry.

It is really interesting that Staub costs less than Le Creuset in Australia. Staub can be up to 50% off while Le Creuset might be 60% off or 70% off. I must be retarded to buy Le Creuset while Staub is cheaper.



You can see the lid sitting in the box when open it. Well, mine is vegetable oval cocotte which has no braising system on the lid. But it’s alright with me. It implies that I can buy more Staub pots which have braising system. 😏



You can see the pot itself and the mini book.






The vegetable pot. Isn’t it pretty? Haha, actually I find the pot looks like a turtle. Especially the green colour and the oval shaped. 😅



This oval cocotte is really prefect for cooking a whole chicken.



It really emphasises its a Made in France pot.

⇒ 購物資訊

購自Myer Online

$$:329.95澳幣 (原價699.95)

尺寸:29公分橢圓鍋 4.25公升



⇒ Shopping Info

Bought from Myer Online

$$: 329.95AUD (Orignal Price $699.95 AUD)

Size: Cast Iron 29cm Oval Cocotte 4.25L

Colour: Basil Green

See you next time! ♥️





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