Vue Bamboo Chopping Board


This article has nothing to do with fashion. Instead, the item I bought is link to my cooking skill. To do a good job, one must first sharpen one’s tools.




It is really a thick chopping board. I first found it in Myer store last Sunday. There was 70% off sale of VUE. I was about to get it but I heard the price wrong when the counter person said it’s 20.98, I heard it 28.  Any way, I still got it at price 27.98. 💔 😭  Luckily, VUE still has 60% off. I plan to get bamboo tray this Sunday. 😏




As seen on picture, this chopping board is thick. Well, you can imagine it’s a slightly heavy board.

I measured the depth and it’s 4cm. There are handles on each side make the chopping board easy to use. There is also acacia wood chopping board that you can choose. I couldn’t make decision between acacia and bamboo. In the end, I decided to buy the higher price one, which is bamboo chopping board.



There’s VUE branded on the chopping board. I really like the branded thing, it makes the chopping board look like high end one.






尺寸:36cm 正方形 4cm深度



⇒Shopping Info

Bought from Myer store

$$:27.98 AUD

Brand: VUE

Size: 36cm Square, 4cm in depth

Material: Bamboo


See you next time! ♥️


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