Love Lula: Aviela Shea Butter Black Soap & Indemne Cleansing Water

我發現Naturisimo寄送速度比Love Lula 要快得很多,我Love Lula等超過三星期,差點以為包裹寄丟時總算是給收到了。

I have shopping experiences with both Naturisimo and Love Lula. However, I found that Love Lula’s parcel usually arrives late than expected delivery time. It took me 3 weeks to receive my package from Love Lula. Well, I almost thought my parcel was lost.



See, the paper box is tear when I received the parcel.



Receipt on the top. I did purchase products from Love Lula.




I nearly run out of my current cleansing water, so I ordered the item again. Well, I have yet to use Bioderma cleansing water so I can’t make comparison between them. I can say that I like Indemne cleansing water pretty much. It does great job on removing makeup, even waterproof products. Not to mention it is organic and natural.

As for Aviela products, I have been using their shea butter oil for hair. This black soap is a completely new product to me. I can only write the review on it once after I start using it.



This is the cleansing lotion I buy again and again.



I opened it to smell and found it has no fragrance. It smells soap to be honest. Good, that this product is really natural.


⇒ 購物資訊:

買自Love Lula

$$:£20.59 (打折以後)

品牌:Aviela, Indemne


⇒ Shopping Info:

Bought from Love Lula

$$: £20.59 (after discount)

Brand: Aviela, Indemne


See you next time! ♥️


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