Tisserand Sweet Dreams Vaporising Oil Blend


This article will be shed light on oil blend I purchased from British natural cosmetics website.



I waited for more than 2 weeks and finally received the parcel.


Well, I didn’t expect them to pack it in this way.



I only ordered few items but they still packed all things with the packing paper.



助曬油和蜂蜜膠免費,我也不知道好不好用,我只知道免費的試用品不拿白不拿,一整個中年大嬸貪小便宜的概念 😅

I only ordered the essential oil blend. The travel size lotion looks bigger than the oil.

Manuka honey gel and tan oil are free samples that you get. Even I don’t know when to use them, they cost 0 so why not? Haha, I am really Chinese… 😅



This is the essential oil blend I bought. I personally really like the fragrance. I use it with the ultrasonic vaporiser every night before I go to sleep. To be honest, I don’t know whether this blend oil makes me easier to fall asleep or not. I will still purchase it again because of the relaxing fragrance.





$$:9.9 英鎊 (精油6.95+身體乳2.95)



⇒Shopping Info

Ordered from Naturisimo

Delivery: worldwide free shipping

$$: £9.9 (Tisserand Vaporising Oil Blend 6.95 + Mini Ila Body Lotion £2.95 )

*Note: 10% off, so £8.91 in total


See you next time! ♥️



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