OZ TR Partner Visa Granted (820/801)


I wrote this article to explain the stage of applying for onshore partner visa.



I will make my story short. So I first came to Australia in 2014 for working holiday. I met my bf Tom the next year, but I had to leave Australia in the end of 2015 because of visa expiratory. After I flied back to Taiwan I waited for few months then applied for travel visa (ETA) to come to Australia. I was worry about that the border control officer would doubt my intention visiting Australia so often, not until late January 2016 did I come back to Australia. I was preparing partner visa materials at the same time in Taiwan. However, I did got asked by immigration officer for a while after I landed in Sydney airport.



Due to limitation of travel visa, I can only stay in Australia for 3 months. I came here in the end of January and we applied for onshore partner visa on 15th April, 2016. The 3 months period in Australia was so speechless… Why I said so?

There’s one condition partner visa application; you have to be in a relationship with your partner for 12 months. We didn’t meet that requirement at that time, so we decided to apply for de facto certificate. Applying de facto relationship certificate is the worst nightmare I must say. There’s 28 cooling off period after lodging the application. However, we didn’t receive our relationship certificate after a month. I had to ask Tom to called and emailed BDM office. They admitted they made mistake while processing our certificate but we got it in the end. Apart from de facto certificate, I also have problem with applying NFP check. Well, you know you can’t never trust Australian official…



Any way, it was a long and nerves-killing process preparing all necessary partner visa materials. We read the immigration booklet carefully and tried to get all documents on the list. For example, we didn’t have joint account in the beginning but we went to back to open one. There is will suggested on the list. I was about to get it as well, but Tom denied and said “why to prepare it while we are young and haven’t been together long enough?’ His words make sense so we didn’t put will within our application.



I will not provide necessary documents list here, you can find the information from official immigration website.

我在2016年遞交申請,很爽的等到2017年還是沒有動靜 ,直到2月21號收到移民局來信告知他們已經在處理我的伴侶簽證了,原本一切應該沒有我的事。沒想到3月28號又收到移民局來信叫我補交澳洲良民證,我星期四上傳良民證給移民局,但是很快被移民局打槍說我良民證的姓名不符合我護照上的格式,叫我去重新申請,我只好摸摸鼻子再上AFP網站重新申請,為了避免又拿到一張姓名與護照格式不同的良民證,我除了叫老鮮肉打電話給警察局說明以外,我自己又寫了兩封email給AFP,我看他們應該覺得我很煩吧!


I lodged the application in person in 2016. All I can do is wait after lodging the application. I finally received the first email from immigration office on 21st of February this year told me that they were processing my visa application. I thought that has nothing to do with me. But I received their phone call and email from them asked me to provide NFP check in March. I sent NPF scan to TR mail box. Unfortunately, I got reply from the partner visa processing team saying that my NFP check does not meet the form of my name shown on passport. Therefore, I have to spend $42 applying for the new NFP. Not only did I ask Tom to call AFP, but I wrote them email to explain my situation. I received APF on 7th of April then sent immigration officer the scan on 9th of April last weekend. After nearly a year waiting, I finally received TR visa on 13th of April. To the next step!!!



22/01/2016 旅簽回到澳洲

15/04/2016 遞交同居伴侶簽證

02/21/2017 收到移民局通知:伴侶簽證正在處理中

28/03/2017 移民局來信要求補交澳洲良民證

30/03/2017 又收到伴侶簽證審理小組通知良民證不符合護照名字格式

09/04/2017 上傳正確良民證給移民局

13/04/2017 收到移民局TR拿到通知


22/01/2016 Came back to Australia with ETA visa.

15/04/2016 Lodged onshore partner visa (820/801) in person to the immigration office.

02/21/2017 Received email from immigration office noticing they were processing on the visa

28/03/2017 Receiving email again from immigration office asking for AFP.

30/03/2017 TR visa team member pointed out that my AFP does not meet the form as name shown on my passport then asked to provide a new AFP.

09/04/2017 Sent the correct AFP to TR visa team

13/04/2017 TR granted!!!


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