Love Lula: Humble Hand Lotion


我Jurlique的玫瑰護手霜快用完,但是不想再花大錢買Jurlique的產品,於是便上了Lovelula 挑選一罐護手乳。

I nearly finish Jurlique rose hand cream. However, I don’t feel buying same hand cream. I went on Lovelula and got a different one.



Natural and organic brand from UK; Humble. However, I can’t share my review on the product. I am still using Jurlique hand cream at the moment. Geez, I just realised that I selected rose scent again.



It’s really inexpensive for a hand lotion. 285ml for £10. I will definitely buy a new one if it’s the hand lotion for me. Not to mention the anti-ageing ingredient it contains.  I will write a review on it once I start using it.





香味:rose & frankincense

⇒Shopping Info:

Bought from Lovelula


Content: 285ml

Fragrance: rose & frankincense

♥ See you next time!


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