Rituals Body Care & Hair Wax



Rituals has same packaging every time. No matter how much you buy, they pack your items with a big box and plenty of paper.



This is my second time buying Rituals products. They have special promotion of buying $AUD 50 and receiving a free body cream. Of course, I did buy minimum $50 to get the free body cream.








Samurai series are for BF. I only bought the baby body lotion for myself. The sakura fragrance body cream is the free gift with purchasing minimum $50. You didn’t see it wrong, the free gift is a full size product.

BF told me he really loves the gel wax. Damn, I feel stocking 5 gel wax. I should definitely cut my fingers off so I could stop shopping online. 

⇒Shopping Info:

Bought from Rituals AU

$$: AUD 60.7 + 7.5 delivery fee

Content (above picture from left to right clockwise): Tiny Rituals Baby Body Lotion 250ml, Samurai Shower 200ml, Samurai Gel-Wax 100ml and the Rituals of Sakura Body Cream 200ml

♥ See you next time!


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