Korres Water Lily Blossom Shower Gel



I love to stock cosmetics and body care products. Even I haven’t finished my current one, I must have more than needed products to make me feel relief. It’s the major reason I buy more and more. Any way, I got these shower gels from ASOS. It’s the limited set, you buy one and get one for free (AUD17.5 and you have two items). I must be an idiot not to buy the set.




I purchased water lily fragrance shower gels, they smell like flower blossom. Purely floral scent.

The main reason I bought them is that I have water lily body cream but I don’t have match shower products.




$$:17.5 AUD

容量:250ml x2


⇒Shopping Info:

Purchased from ASOS

$$: 17.5 AUD

Content: 250ml x2

I will write down review as soon as I start using it.

♥ 下次見!

♥ See you next time!



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