Rituals Shower Foam, Facial Toner & Nail Polish



This is the first time I bought Rituals products in Sydney. I first discovered this brand when I lived in London. As I figure out that there are Rituals stores in Sydney, I feel that  I must buy something. However, both Rituals stores are too far from where I live. As a result, I chose to get their products online.





I ordered 2 foaming shower gels, 1 facial toner and 1 nail polish.

There are 3 shower foams in the picture. It was the promotion that you spend $50 and get 1 free shower foam/shower oil. I spent more than $50 in order to that shower foam.

I am going to share my Rituals online shopping experience here. They charge flat 7.5 for delivery fee which is fair (when you spend $99, no need to pay for shipping cost). But what I am not satisfied is that they process your order really slow. I ordered my items on the weekend but they didn’t process the order until next Wednesday. Not to mention every time I checked status of my order, it’s always ‘in process…


由左至右:Hammam Delight 沐浴泡泡、化妝水、櫻花口味沐浴泡泡兩罐和指甲油。

我個人蠻喜歡櫻花和Hammam Delight的味道,之前在倫敦的時候還有Hammam Delight的乳液,只是澳洲這邊賣完了,不然我當場打包一罐,化妝水我也用過,我覺得還可以,指甲油的話我會另外寫一篇文章。




$$:AUD 59 + 7.5 運費

容量(上圖左至右):  Hammam Delight 沐浴泡泡 200ml, Ultra Calming 化妝水 200ml, The Ritual of Sakura 沐浴泡泡 200ml, 指甲油6ml

From left to right: Hammam Delight Foaming Shower Gel, Ultra Calming Facial Toner, The Ritual of Sakura Foaming Shower Gel and Nail Polish

I really enjoy the fragrance of Hammam Delight and the Ritual of Sakura personally. In fact, I had Hammam Delight body lotion when I was in London. Unluckily, Hammam Delight body lotion is sold out in Australia. Otherwise, I would definitely buy the same fragrance body lotion. It’s not my first time using Ultra Calm facial toner. It’s an okay product for me. The price of it($24/200ml) is reasonable. As for the nail varnish, I will write a new article.

They have another promotion on their official website. See you next time! I am going to stock more items from them now.

⇒Shopping Info:

Bought from Rituals AU

$$: AUD 59+7.5 shipping fee

Content (above picture from left to right): Hammam Delight Foaming Shower Gel 200ml, Ultra Calming Facial Toner 200ml, The Ritual of Sakura Foaming Shower Gel 200ml and Nail Polish 6ml




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