Too Faced Snow Bunny Bronzer



挑選許久總算找到命定的Too Faced Snow Bunny修容。

I felt bad on a Saturday after having cold fight with BF. So I went to Mecca for shopping. Well, I always feel better after buying something. I got bronzer this time.

After choosing in between bronzers, I found my favourite Too Faced Snow Bunny bronzer.



This is the bronzer I bought. Look at its golden shiny package, isn’t it pretty?





$$:AUD 44

容量: 8g

色號:Snow Bunny

There are 4 colours in this bronzer. You can either wear a single colour or mixing them together. To be honest, I don’t think it worths $44. It only adds an glow on my face. Further than that, it doesn’t banish redness and rudiness on my skin. I definitely won’t buy it again.

⇒Shopping Info:

Purchased from Mecca Warringah Mall

$$: AUD 44

Content: 8g

Colour: Snow Bunny


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