Getting Close to Aussie Animals

So my bf and I went to Perth for holidays. We did enjoy our visiting there. Though some shit happened to us. We didn’t regret our first holiday together.


We went to Whiteman Park and got a close look at Aussie animals. Unfortunately, I forgot the name of the park. But I would say it’s really a good place for family and someone who wants to see Aussie animals. They have many native species there in the park. Ticket for adult costs $26, but definitely worths the price.

We saw koalas and even take a photo with it.


Me and kangaroo. It’s a lazy kangaroo when we tried to take photos with it. Actually, they laid on their poo. You can feed these kangaroos and wallabies. They are pretty gentle and not aggressive at all.


Yes, a wallaby. The size of a wallaby is smaller compare to a kangaroo. I really like this wallaby. We have good photos together lol


How can we miss wombat when we talking about Australian animals? I remember the wombat in the zoo in Sydney. It’s so cute and tried to play with me. But here in the wild life park, you can even touch a wombat. It was my first time touching a wombat.

It was a pretty good experience for visiting this wild life park. Now I have a basic clue of native Australian animals.



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