Beauty Bay: Shampoo & Lip Balm


在去伯斯之前買的Beauty Bay,那時正好有打折,從柏斯回來以後正好收到包裹,就來看看我買了啥洗髮精和護唇膏吧。

I purchased from Beauty Bay before BF and I travelled to Perth. I received the parcel after we returned to Sydney. Let’s see what shampoo and lip balm did I buy.


Again, tigi catwalk的矯色洗髮精,說真的這是我看到矯色洗髮精算便宜的了,當然一買再買啊。

和Paul & Joe的限量護唇膏。

Again, tigi fashionista violet shampoo. It’s not the cheapest toning shampoo but I prefer tigi than other brands. That’s the reason I keep buying it.

Also, limited edition lip balm from Paul & Joe.



I didn’t buy much this time. 2 items in total.



A photo of this lip balm. I will write about my lip balm collection next time. See you then!


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