First Shopping Experience with Taobao

拖超久都沒分享購物心得,淘寶可能都是兩個月前買的了,只能說我七月其實事情蠻多的,any way, 就讓我來分享一下淘寶首次開箱吧。

I haven’t written shopping sharing recently. To be honest, I was pretty busy in July. Though Taobao items were delivered to me two months ago… Any way, I will write more about Taobao shopping experience this time.



可能有人不知道淘寶是什麼,我就簡單介紹一下:淘寶是中國大陸的購物網站,他有支持國際運送,基本上在一個everything is made in China 的時代,當然是要上淘寶撿便宜啦,更不用說淘寶根本是萬能的,你要買什麼上淘寶一定找得到,我只能說我淘寶買超爽,買到都忘了我最愛的ASOS.

It is how the package looks like when it delivered.

Some people might have no clue about Taobao. I will introduce Taobao precisely. Taobao is Chinese online shopping site. It provides international delivery service. Any way, you know nearly everything is made in China. So why not just buy from Taobao directly? The price is cheaper though delivery fee is expensive sometimes. Did I tell you that you can get everything from Taobao? In my opinion, Taobao is much better compare to EBay.  Pay less and get a brand new good, that is the reason I am pretty much in love with Taobao. Oops, I even forgot my favourite ASOS.



What I bought from Taobao first time are shoe boxes and 2 bag organisers.



It is how shoe boxes look like after assemble. Most of my shoes can be placed into it.



How bag organiser look like with placing bags in. I don’t really like poke dots but that’s the only choice I have. One bag organiser can placed 4 bags and it has 1 small layer for small items. It’s a functional item for me, not to mention it’s really durable.


See you next time!


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