Ippodo Matcha & Shincha



I purchased matcha directly from Ippodo Japan. Happily, Ippodo ship oversea. Otherwise, I have to buy via forwarding websites.



Really Japanese style. They packed the product so carefully.



Not even matcha but Ippodo sent with their brochure and how to make tea instruction.


  • 買的產品一覽(從左至右):

宇治清水 400g含糖沖泡抹茶粉 ¥700

風味的友 40g 調理用抹茶粉 ¥280

宇治本場新茶 50g ¥1,100

幾世的昔 40g 抹茶粉 ¥1,400

  • 結論:


  • Products I purchased this time (from left to right):

Uji-Shimizu 400g Bag(Green Tea) ¥700

Fumi-no-tomo 40g bag (Green Tea) ¥280

2016 Uji Shincha 50g Bag(Green Tea) ¥1,100

Ikuyo-no-mukashi 40g Can(Green Tea) ¥1,400

  • Conclusion:

I will buy from Ippodo next time. I mean they do ship overseas, which is really convenient for non Japanese buyers. Not to mention there’s a special feeling to drink matcha tea ship directly from Japan. Even the delivery fee costs ¥2,690, Ippodo tea worths the price.




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