Estelle & Thild All in 1 Moisturiser



I am sort of lazy these days. That’s why I didn’t update my blog so often. Any way, I am going to share same tinted moisturiser I purchased last time.


我色號還是買2號,之所以沒買新產品是因為我最近沈迷於Estelle & Thild 這個瑞典品牌,所有保養品竭盡所能買他家的。之前買的那罐被男友徵收了,只好買新的一罐自己用啦!一罐折合澳幣連50都不到,比起香奈兒便宜將近30塊,當然是選它了,加上我很喜歡它的花香味,我可能這罐用完會再回購吧!

I chose shade 2 (same as last time). To be honest, I am indulged in this Swedish brand Estelle & Thild. I buy most of my body care products from Estelle & Thild. My boyfriend is using the tinted moisturiser which I bought before so I have to get the same product. All in one moisturiser isn’t expensive. It costs less than $50 AUD which is cheaper than Chanel foundation base. No wonder I keep buying it. Moreover, I can’t resist its floral fragrance. It’s possible for me to stock more tinted moisturiser from Estelle & Thild.


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