How to Dress like a Zebra



Obviously, we are the copycat of ‘Follow Me’ photo. Well, we are following the latest trend. The photo was taken in North Head national park.



I look like teen girl (I said so) with pleated skirt, zebra-like stripe top and trainers.



More details of lace pleated skirt. To be honest, I don’t wear this skirt often.


很沒良心的模仿阿三蹲在石頭上的照片lol 我一整個就是模仿貓啊

上衣:Avan Lily (日本網站購入)

裙子:Jack Wills (ASOS 購入)

鞋子:Reebok (ASOS 購入)

I posed exactly the same as the Indian guy who we saw earlier. I am really a copy cat…

Top: Avan Lily (Buy from Shel’tter web store)

Skirt: Jack Wills (Buy from ASOS)

Shoes: Reebok (Buy from ASOS)



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