Love Lula; ‘Gimme Soothing’ Series



Well, the cleanser I bought in March came in May, which takes 1.5 months to arrive Sydney. The reason it took such long time to arrive is that the original parcel was lost during shipping. After I contacted customer service, they resent the parcel.


這次有比較節制,只買了需要的洗面乳而已。跟上次買的卸妝水是同一個法國品牌,卸妝水使用後覺得不貴又好用就順便打包了洗面乳了,其實這罐洗面乳除了洗臉也可以洗身體,敏感性肌膚也可以使用,容量又大,不買也太對不起荷包了。對了,我忘記說在我收到來自法國的Indemne洗面乳液後我把我之前買的David Jones玫瑰卸妝乳給丟了。


I didn’t buy much this time. In fact, I only bought the cleanser this time. Obviously, it’s the same brand as the remover I purchased last time. Indemne makeup remover removes makeup efficiently, that’s why I decided to buy same series cleanser. Apart from cleansing your face, it can be used on body as well. Not to mention it’s sensitive skin friendly product. I feel bad not to buy it when it’s so inexpensive and contains 255ml. Right, I threw out David Jones rosewater cleansing lotion after I got this magical product.

I will write the review after I use it for a while.




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