Knit Dress for A/W


Stripe knit dress sent directly from Japan, it is a perfect piece for unstable autumn weather (smile). I personally think I look fantastic in the first picture. Well, I hope there’s someone feels the same. I might be over bragged about the first photo.



I like the tight skirt designed. The knit tight skirt shows my curves.

2014-05-15 17.46.13


The knit dress I bought in Germany which looks similar to the current one I have. It only proves that knit dress is an essential piece in woman’s wardrobe. They are both stripe knit dress and have tight skirt. However, the one I bought 2 years ago has some slight differences to the current.



Ok, let us get back to the knit dress I bought in 2016. The only reason I mentioned the knit dress I purchased 2 years ago is to demonstrate that knit dress is a common clothes.



洋裝:Cecil McBee (日本Ailand網站購買)

鞋子:Hush Puppies (英國鞋店購買,忘記哪間買的就是了)

Ended with the photo shows my lovely shoulder.

Dress:Cecil McBee (Buy from Ailand web store.)

Heels: Hush Puppies (Buy from a shoe store in London, but I can’t remember where and the name of the shoe store.)




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