Ann Summers Lingerie

猜猜看我這次買了什麼?收到這麼一大箱,好有成就感。 Guess what I bought this time. I love big package and I couldn't wait to open it! 滿滿的Ann Summers內睡衣,箱子裡的這些只要46英鎊,是不是超便宜的?我買的量超像要去批貨的,沒辦法買一送一太便宜,不小心手滑就買了一堆了。 Full package of lingerie from Ann Summers. They only cost £46, aren't they cheap? I look like a lingerie seller with this full box. Buy one and buy one free on already sale item. That's … Continue reading Ann Summers Lingerie


Dune London Brogue Boots

另外一雙購自Dune London 的靴子開箱文。今天一早就收到熱騰騰的靴子,一次買了兩雙,另外一雙是買給男友的就不分享了。 Another pair of boots from Dune London. I received my pair of boots also, my boyfriend's boots this morning. Well, I will only share my pair of boots. 正式開箱 Unboxing. 我喜歡它的交叉綁帶,即使是從背面看也是一樣的無懈可擊 I like its' lace strings. Even looking from the back, still perfect. 底一看就知道可以防滑,加上不太高的跟,走路超舒服的。 Look at anti-slipper soles and low heels, it's … Continue reading Dune London Brogue Boots

Dune London Over the Knee Boots

今年冬天一直很想要一雙過膝長靴,總覺得穿起來超帥氣的,因此我便在Dune London購入了一雙特價的黑色過膝長靴,完全真皮只要澳幣138,能不心動嗎?付完款就等著收貨了。 I was looking for a pair of over the knee boots for winter. It's a must have wardrobe essential. Any way, I found my perfect pair of over the knee boots from Dune London. Luckily, they were sale when I purchased. Made of real leather and costs AUD $138. I was waiting for … Continue reading Dune London Over the Knee Boots

Mermaid Coloured Hair

這是我在染成美人魚頭髮之前庫伊拉染髮,可以看出髮色已經褪的差不多了,這顆頭不處理一下真的不行了。 It was how my hair looked like before the current mermaid hair. Well, it's obvious that previous colours were all gone. I really had to re-dye my hair. 染髮過程就不多敘述了,這是染完髮型師特別幫我做成大波浪造型的最終樣子。主色是藍綠色,下襬以不同的紫色點綴,整顆頭堪稱低調的奢華最佳代表。 I won't focus on the process of colouring hair. It's the final look after the hair stylist waved my hair. The main colour is green … Continue reading Mermaid Coloured Hair

Punk Rave Mesh Top

這次分享的是Punk Rave的黑色透視上衣,它心機的部分在於手臂。 I am about to share the new top I bought. It's see-through top by Punk Rave. It features caged sleeves. 基本上它是一件很百搭的上衣,可以搭配褲子或是像我一樣的黑短裙也可以。因為是透視上衣,記得要穿黑色內衣,不要讓胸部走光。 Basically, it goes well with every clothes. It fits tight jeans or either wearing a short black skirt is fine. But remember it's a see-through top, you need to put on black … Continue reading Punk Rave Mesh Top

Burren Perfumery Lotion & Body Soap

這次要分享的是來自愛爾蘭的天然有機品牌: The Burren Perfumery。The Burren Perfumery是一座座落於都柏林愛爾蘭的植物農莊,他們生產天然有機保養品,你可以上網訂購或是直接親自前往農莊購買。 我購買的是失落花園系列,失落花園主要是野玫瑰花香調,但是我聞起來只覺得是草味,花香則是聞不出來。 I am going to share products I bought from an Ireland natural and organic brand called 'The Burren Perfumery'.  The Burren Perfumery is actually a perfumery located in Dublin, Ireland. They produce natural and organic products that you can either shop online or purchase in their store in … Continue reading Burren Perfumery Lotion & Body Soap

Bialetti Moka Pot

雪梨的冰咖啡動輒一杯五元起跳,因此我萌生了自己在家煮咖啡的念頭,當下立馬賞Myer買了一個摩卡咖啡壺,很幸運的是Myer正好在特價,原價要44.95澳幣的咖啡壺只要31.46,二話不說我立刻下定然後指使男友去店取。 我購買的摩卡壺是來自義大利摩卡壺始祖Bialetti. A cup of iced coffee costs at least $5 aud, I don't think I can afford it for long term. Therefore, I got the idea to home brew coffee. I went on Myer and bought the colourful moka pot. Luckily, the moka pot is on sale. It was $44.95 originally but the price … Continue reading Bialetti Moka Pot