Stylish Casual Night Long Tee Dress



I am going to introduce the night wear long tee dress from Ann Summers. Basically, it’s really comfy and stylish. Made of 100% cotton.



Even it’s a sleepwear, I wear it walking around in the house. Because it’s buy one and get one for free item, I have 2 same dresses which I can wear in turn.


衣服上的標語是Lead me into temptation. 性暗示意味超重,男朋友看了也愛的一件睡衣,可以稱為我的戰鬥服啊。



”Lead me into temptation” is printed on the tee dress which has sexual indication. My boyfriend obviously knows what I want every time I wear it 😉 Yes, please lead me into temptation.

Actual wear review:

I purchased size XS due to size S is no longer in stock. Cotton tees will become loose after hundreds wearing. XS is actually perfect size to me.

I recommend to wear it in the house or bedroom. You have to take the risk of wearing it in public. Don’t ignore the power of the sexual slogan…


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