Review on E&T All-In-One Tinted Moisturiser 02


這次要分享的是Estelle & Thild的多功能潤色保濕乳液的心得。

我香奈兒的粉底液使用的顏色是30Beige,Estelle & Thild 的潤色保濕乳液我拿2號,適合中等膚色至深色膚色的人使用。

Estelle & Thild的潤色保濕乳液也只有兩種色號:1號和2號。

1 號是給淺膚色的人使用的而2號就是給中等膚色至深色膚色的人使用。

I am going to write a review on Estelle & Thild all-in-one tinted moisturiser.

I wear Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet foundation (colour 30 Beige) normally. As for E&T tinted moisturiser, I chose colour number 2 which designed for medium skin tone to dark skin tone.

There are only 2 shades for E&T tinted moisturiser; 1 and 2. Shade 1 suits bright skin tone and shade 2 fits medium to dark skin.




This photo was taken before I wear E&T all-in-one tinted moisturiser.

I don’t really need to cover my skin to be honest. Well, I might have few freckles to cover.



A close photo of my face skin.






價錢:43.2澳幣 50ml

Photo after I applied E&T tinted moisturiser.

”This lightweight certified organic tinted moisturiser blends into the skin seamlessly for evenly toned skin with a natural healthy glow.” by Estelle & Thild

I personally think my face look almost the same before I wear the tinted moisturiser. Well, it doesn’t cover freckles that much efficiently.

Pros: petal fragrance, hydrated and all-in-one function

Cons: no SPF, means you need to apply sunscreen lotion, not strong enough to cover freckles

Price: 43.20 AUD comes with 50ml content


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