Ann Summers Unbox


昨天收到來自Ann Summers的第二箱包裹,這次沒買像上一次的誇張,只花了約30澳幣,這次包裹送到的速度也比較快,只等了10天。

I received another parcel from Ann Summers yesterday. I didn’t spent 100 AUD,  around 30 AUD this time. I have to say, it only took 10 days for the parcel to arrive which is 2 days faster compared to last time.


開箱了啦,這次Ann Summers多贈送了一本免費的雜誌。

Unboxed. Ann Summers sent me a free magazine this time.



Removed the magazine, now is clear to see what I bought. Can you spot items with cute rabbit on?








Demonstrate my purchase: one lace brief (haha, I did mention I won’t buy any lingerie in next 6 months but I did.), rabbit notebook set (the smaller size has a furry tail on it, isn’t it cook?), rabbit headphones and willy wear.

Review on products:

Bunny earphones are alright, I mean there’s no special feature. Any way, 10 AUD for on sale earphones is acceptable price. Cute and pink is probably its feature.

I must say the notebook set is really a good buy. The small notebook with bunny tail on is small enough to carry it in your bag. No one can’t ever ignore the furry bunny tail on the cover! The set only costs 10 AUD.

Haha, a 007 style cock wear. For this one, unfortunately, I don’t have a cock to share my review. After my boyfriend wears it, I will ask him to provide review.

As for the undie, it’s pretty comfy and inexpensive which costs 10 AUD.



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