Beauty Bay Beauty Products


總算在下訂日的11天後收到了Beauty Bay的包裹,這次真的是大手筆採購,一共花了£67.52買Estelle & Thild的產品。

I finally received the parcel after 11 days waiting (weekends not including). I spent £67.52 on buying Estelle & Thild products.


除了贈送的眼影不是Estelle & Thild,其他的都是同品牌的產品。

Other than free gift (Makeup Geek eyeshadow pan), all products come from Estelle & Thild.



下次再來撰寫使用心得報告。Estelle & Thild是我最近新迷上的瑞典有機美妝品牌,他的臉部去角質霜和有潤色效果的乳液聞起來有一種花瓣的香味。

From left to right: Vanilla Blossom body wash, radiance micro polish, all-in-one tinted moisturiser, Rosie Red lip balm, Peony Pink lip balm and Makeup Geek eye shadow pan.

I will share my reviews on these products next time. Well, Estelle & Thild is the Swedish natural and organic brand I love currently. I have to say the facial polish and tinted moisturiser have petal scent.



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