Ann Summers Lingerie



Guess what I bought this time. I love big package and I couldn’t wait to open it!


滿滿的Ann Summers內睡衣,箱子裡的這些只要46英鎊,是不是超便宜的?我買的量超像要去批貨的,沒辦法買一送一太便宜,不小心手滑就買了一堆了。

Full package of lingerie from Ann Summers. They only cost £46, aren’t they cheap? I look like a lingerie seller with this full box. Buy one and buy one free on already sale item. That’s why I accidentally bought too much.



What I bought this time: 5 bras, 4 undies, 2 night wear t-shirts and 1 waspie. Even it’s warehouse clearance, Ann summers packed each item really carefully. Not to mention hangers are included and there are protect stickers on the undies. Ann Summers have packing service.



A photo of all bras.



4 lace undies. 3 are super boost.



Carmen waspie, same series as Carmen bra (the one with detachable feather straps). Suspenders are removable too. It’s a waspie that you can wear out.


最後的兩件長版睡衣長Tee,100% 純棉的,穿起來很舒服。

Two night wear long tees. Made of 100% cotton. It’s really comfy and relaxing. I love the slogan so much ‘ Lead me into temptation’ lol





這次購買麼品牌是英國的Ann Summers,他們有不定期推出特價活動,有興趣的可以自行上官網查看。

I am not talking bullshit, a full box of lingerie only costs £46. I immediately bought them when I saw the warehouse clearance offer.

Conclusion: I love buy one and get one free. Look at how much I save from the original price. Also, I have purchased one year quantity of lingerie.

Fitting Guide: 4 bras are plunge one. My boobs aren’t that big but the plunge bra makes my breasts upgrade at least one cup. I have such deep cleavage.

This special offer came from Ann Summers. They have sale pretty often. If you are interested in buying packs of lingerie, check their official website regularly and you won’t miss any sale 😉


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