Dune London Over the Knee Boots


今年冬天一直很想要一雙過膝長靴,總覺得穿起來超帥氣的,因此我便在Dune London購入了一雙特價的黑色過膝長靴,完全真皮只要澳幣138,能不心動嗎?付完款就等著收貨了。

I was looking for a pair of over the knee boots for winter. It’s a must have wardrobe essential. Any way, I found my perfect pair of over the knee boots from Dune London. Luckily, they were sale when I purchased. Made of real leather and costs AUD $138. I was waiting for my parcel after I made the payment.


收到打開的實拍照,還附贈Dune 的雜誌。它是可以反摺得過膝長靴,穿上去一整個架勢都出來了,重點是因為是真皮做的聞起來超香的,跟也不高,非常適合走路的一雙靴子。5顆星推薦。

Unbox picture. Dune magazine is included in the parcel. It’s a foldable boots, it can wear either over the knee length or knee height length. Because it’s made of real leather, it smells leather. Low heels are perfect for walking as well. I will definitely recommend buying it.


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