Burren Perfumery Lotion & Body Soap


這次要分享的是來自愛爾蘭的天然有機品牌: The Burren Perfumery。The Burren Perfumery是一座座落於都柏林愛爾蘭的植物農莊,他們生產天然有機保養品,你可以上網訂購或是直接親自前往農莊購買。


I am going to share products I bought from an Ireland natural and organic brand called ‘The Burren Perfumery’.  The Burren Perfumery is actually a perfumery located in Dublin, Ireland. They produce natural and organic products that you can either shop online or purchase in their store in Dublin.

I purchased ‘Lost Garden’ body soap and lotion. Lost Garden focuses on floral scent with wild rose, but it smells pretty herbal to me. To be honest, I can’t smell any wild rose.



I have consumed it more than half and I am going to review on it. It contains natural and organic ingredients, 72% organic ingredients for the body lotion. It also suits every type of skin. The fragrance doesn’t last long on me. Actually, the fragrance gone after I apply it all over my body. I can only smell the herbal fragrance when I wear it. It hydrates my body enough.


同款冷壓液態皂則是百分之92有機,它的基底是採用冷壓植物油,個人覺得它的泡泡不是很豐沛,洗我的身體可能要壓到7下,用起來也是充滿著淡淡的草香味,我不排斥草香味,只是我偏好花香調,所以基本上我用完我不會再回購,畢竟它的花香味沒那麼重。我還是想要嘗試Burren Perfumery的其他產品啦!

The ‘Lost Garden’ castile soap is made of 92% organic ingredients. It is composed of plant oils. It doesn’t have rich bubbles, I need to press 7 times to wash my entire body. It has the same herbal fragrance. I don’t mind herbal scent but I personally prefer floral fragrance. I don’t think I will buy it for second time. Don’t take me wrong, I still like Burren Perfumery and I want to try more products from them.


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