& Other Stories Tan Satchel

2014-02-19 19.06.20

這是我在倫敦 & Other Stories 買的復古方包。雖然這個包有點貴,但是它是一個真皮包,更不用說一個真皮的包包可以陪伴你好長的一段時間。對我而言我覺得這個包包值得我投資。

This is the bag I purchased from & Other Stories in London. As you can see that this bag is little bit pricy but it’s made of real leather. Not to mention a leather bag can company you for long time. It seems to be a good investment to me.

2014-02-19 19.07.18


I was trying the bag in the store. Actually, it looks pretty good on me. It’s a vintage small bag fits everyone.

2014-02-24 00.21.41


Yes, I immediately bought it after I tried it in the store. I absolutely love the design of this satchel. It’s not a classic Oxford satchel but still belongs to satchel family in my opinion.

2014-02-24 00.21.56


Even the sides are perfectly decorated with golden balls and chains.

2014-02-24 00.22.24

這個包包主要是以磁扣做開關的。基本上我就是一個懶人,所以磁扣設計對我而言真的是再好也不過了。更不用說這個包包裡面還有一個小格層可以放置手機。雖然這個包包沒辦法擴充容量,但是它空間足以讓我擺放錢包 太陽眼鏡 一台相機和一些小東西。


The bag is designed with magnet closure. I am really lazy so I love the magnet closure. Moreover, there’s one small slot in the bag where you can insert your cellphone. The bag isn’t expandable but the space is enough for a wallet, sunglasses, a camera and some small items.

Conclusion: I would give 5 stars to this bag for the design, also it’s a functional bag to any one who prefer not to carry lot of things.




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