Limited Alice in Wonderland Shoes


今天要分享給大家的是上個星期推出的Irregular Choice x Disney 的限量愛麗絲鞋兒們,我在知道這個消息後,立刻守在電腦前就是準備等著搶一雙美美的愛麗絲鞋,偏偏愛麗絲鞋太美麗了,一推出立馬賣完,幸運的是我搶到了兩雙,只是一雙是從官網買的,另外一雙則是從澳洲一個賣鞋的網站買的,話不多說,我就先上夢幻的Curiouser 給大家看看到底這次的限量愛麗絲鞋兒是多麽的吸引人。

I am going to share Alice in Wonderland collection by Irregular Choice. Firstly, this fabulous collection is limited edition. As for me, I went crazy when I hear the word ‘limited edition’. As soon as Alice collect was launching last week, I purchased two pairs of them. Even I feel like I should get all shoes from this collection. They are really popular. All of these adorable shoes were sold out immediately after they were launching. Luckily, I got two pairs of them. One I purchased from the official site but I got another pair from an Aussie shoe site. Pictures are the best proof of these lovely shoes. May I show you how eye- catching ‘Curiouser’ is? Agree that you want one.



Daisy flowers were sewed on shoes. There is little black bow decorated which makes the shoe girly.



The shoe is really designed for Alice in Wonderland fans. Look at these gorgeous Alice printing on soles.




Though printed Alice on soles are pretty, they are slippery for walking. Therefore, I have to bring them to shoe repairer to add soles. Even I lost pretty Alice soles, I can walk safe.



It’s how they look like on feet. I would say they go well with most styles. You don’t have to worry shoes imbalance your wearing, let Alice be the spot light.


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